Friday, 7 August 2009

Perhaps I'm loosing the plot...

You'll get the title once you've read the blog.
This week has been a pretty similar week to the last so I’ll keep this entry short.

I’ve been doing some Fluorescent microscopy again, to repeat the experiment I did last week, and, Yay! It worked! Same results two weeks running, even after altering some concentrations and using slightly different dyes!

Next week I’m going to be doing some FACS analysis to quantify these results.

When my Mum read my blog last week she told me she could almost see a woman in the picture of my cells, sadly I couldn’t concur…

…however I think I’ve out-done myself or perhaps her this week, so here are some more FLUORESCENT MICROSCOPY pictures of TAMOXIFEN-RESISTANT BREAST CANCER CELLS which happen to look like your more day-to-day things…

...polar bear?
And I thought this one was pretty so I threw it in too...
I hope you enjoyed that, I'm going to get some pictures next week of myself and Dr. Taylor, and perhaps the girls I've been working with if they let me.
Short and sweet like I said. Until next week.

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