Friday, 31 July 2009

Red, green and blue…

I promised you pictures of more western blotting in my last blog; I’ll confess now, I’m breaking that promise. Truthfully I don’t know where on earth I’ve saved them on my computer, but they’re very boring anyhow so I’m not going to waste my time or bore you by looking for them.

However, I do have a far more interesting and stunning picture for you in my opinion, which I took this week using fluorescent imaging …

In simple terms this is a picture taken of lots of cells, each cell’s nucleus is stained blue. The red is where I’ve stained the “scaffolding” (Actin) of the cell which gives it its structure and the green is a dye which has stained the zinc in the cell- which is what I’m studying.

I don’t think I can go into anymore details of the experiment or the picture you can see here as it may lead to something that can be published.

As you may have guessed, I have been mainly doing Fluorescent microscopy this week, which makes a nice change and has produced some pretty pictures whilst providing us with some definitely good results.

I’m going to do some more fluorescent imaging next week, and then FACS the week after to obtain quantifiable data which will support the fluorescent images I have taken. I’ll probably end up doing another few blots too, just to test some other molecules involved in the zinc wave and further support our theory.

I probably only have about three more blog entries to go, so keep reading!
I’ll hopefully some more fun pictures for you again next week.

Keeping this one short and sweet.

Peace out,

Your mad (but very happy with this weeks results) scientist, Chris.

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