Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hey! Welcome to my first ever blog, so apologies if I get the concept entirely wrong.

Who am I? (No I’ve not lost the plot!) And why am I writing this blog?

My name is Christien; I’m a student at Cardiff University studying BSc Biomedical Science (Pharmacology). Instead of spending my summer at the beach like most of my friends, I thought it would be sensible and nice to gain some good laboratory experience, to help me decide which discipline area I wish to research at PhD level.

I have been fortunate and lucky enough to gain funding for a Biochemical Society Summer Vacation Studentship, and win the Eisenthal prize for the best application.

I begin work TOMORROW, in Dr. Kathryn Taylor’s lab at the Tenovus Centre For Cancer Research in the Welsh School Of Pharmacy, where I will be examining the functional role of ZIP7 phosphorylation in the ZIP7-dependent zinc wave. I will try and describe what this means in as simple terms as possible as my own understanding becomes clearer throughout the research.

Blog objectives

I intend to make regular posts to this blog throughout the 8 week research placement, covering techniques that I am using, results I am finding, and other general bits and pieces whilst trying to keep it as casual as possible and let you know if I’m ecstatic as something has gone incredibly well, or annoyed if my cultures become contaminated for the umpteenth time (*touches wood*)!

Who should follow me?

-Students interested in having the same experience or are doing something similar themselves
-People interested in the discipline area and research being carried out
-My supervisors, to see how I’m getting on and how I’m feeling about it all
-People at the Biochemical Society, to see how useful and positive the funding is to a student such as myself.

Thank you for taking the time to reading my introduction, I promise to keep my other entries as short and sweet as possible; PLEASE subscribe to the blog so I don’t feel like I’m keeping a diary and I’ll keep you updated on my experience.

Peace out,